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Empowered Birth Services 

Sophie Wipf

I am a doula deeply committed to empowering and encouraging moms throughout pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and through their sacred journey into motherhood. I believe birth is an intense, raw, and brilliant part of the human experience. It's an opportunity to connect with our innate strength and resilience and lean into a deep trust of our bodies. As a doula, my main priority is to protect your birthing space so you can fully experience the intuition within your body to birth and find power and strength from within that you never knew existed.  My mission is to provide emotional and physical supports to expectant parents, empower partners to be an active participant in the birth of their child, advocate for a holistic and physiological view of wellness, and encourage mothers to make informed decisions for themselves and their families.

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I am dedicated to providing expectant parents with the support they need throughout the entire pregnancy and birth process. My job as a doula is to create a protective and calm space to allow for a birth that feels safe and empowering. My services include personalized prenatal education to help you confidently prepare for the birth experience, customized birth plans that meet your individual needs and preferences, informational, emotional, and physical support during labor and delivery to help you stay calm and focused during labor, and postpartum care to ensure a smooth transition to parenthood and beyond.

What I offer


It was absolutely amazing to have Sophie be a part of our birth experience and preparation. She offered such comfort and support through our entire time together. Her help and education as we prepared for birth was so wonderful as she helped me to feel empowered and trust in my body’s abilities! During labor, she encouraged different positions and used comfort measures that progressed labor and provided tons of encouragement. Sophie was intentional about guiding my husband to be the best support person he could be in the labor room and really kept the space open and safe for us during labor and birth.


I really appreciate the space Sophie creates for reflection and processing, as well. After birth, she met with us to verbally process the birth and what we were thinking and feeling, being so validating and encouraging as we did this! She took notes of key moments and time stamps during labor and delivery that were awesome to look back on. During our preparation for labor, she brought worksheets that let us sit down and think about topics, fears, expectations, etc. that were very helpful! 


Sophie helped to create a mindful and safe space where we could be intentional and trust in my body during birth prep, labor, and postpartum and we are so thankful for her! 

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